My ways to stay productive while working from home.

I touched about the topic of productivity before,in THIS ARTICLE called HOW DO I WORK FROM HOME AND GET THINGS DONE WITHOUT LOSING MY MIND

In this article I will share a few more points that you need to consider that can be improved in personal life.

Sleep more,by going to sleep EARLIER

There are simple tips that need to be addressed …yes,they are SIMPLE,but that is the exact reason why they are effective.I mentioned this in case you were like me ,always searching for a new way,some exotic pack of tips and tricks to get better quality life during this lockdown. You need to go back to the basics, you need to actually SET THE ALARMS at 10 PM and then leave the phone there ,in that other room or another spot than next to you.Also, do not forget to leave it on airplane mode,

So,to recap-NOW!

-Set up alarms -when you want to stop what you are doing and go to sleep.

-Set up a regular place where you leave your keys,and leave your phone there as well.Might sound simple,but for me,it did WONDERS ,because as I take my shoes off coming into the house, I have a box where I keep my keys and my phone and my wallet.And I am sure that it can help you too if you are not already doing this.

Depending on your lifestyle,choose Intermittent fasting or to eat breakfast

I have a regular corporate job,scheduled meal time is always when I want.So,if I prep my food at home,what was suggested in


If ,for example,you are more rebel with your time,rules are your friend ,so force yourself to eat a QUALITY breakfast,(OATMEAL really does not have to be boring),and then you can go filling full for most of your work hours, then you are going to fill and act great!

Regarding intermittent fasting ,I will write more about, in the close future,if you are interested.It can be the diet that feels you up and makes you lose weight, get better ,way better SLEEP and quality of life,and all that you need to do is to eat in a certain time frame. For this, let me know if you are interested for tips and tricks regarding this topic in the comments section below.

Exercise daily

Even if you do not live in a region where you can go wild now,you still need to be more than just conscious ,but rather active and force yourself to walk a few miles each day,at least.You can, just walk,enjoy the nature,get back home and sleep and feel rested when you wake up..And feel more alive than before.

If you are interested in more,try to get more into this topic regarding health, by buying a quality home gym.I will help you ,you just need to read this article:BEST HOME GYM-MY REVIEW AND PICKS

You get the body that you always wanted,with a big(ish) investment in the beginning.But we do know the power of this,if not,you need to look in this website more about PASSIVE INCOME.The gist of it is that you NEED to put the WORK TODAY,to be rested,healthy and relaxed later.If you are active in this topic,let me know!


use TASK in Outlook or Things for the mac ,or,what works for me,a pen and paper list,where i jot down everything.

ALSO,and this might be the most important one on the list,so I am glad that you made this far in this article, use a pen and paper list where,on one sheet you jot down every random thought that pops into your head.It sound stupid/ineffective or whatever?TRY THIS-For me,this simply changed my life.

The secret is -ONE THING AT A TIME..and maximizing the possibility of uninterrupted work for you.

Phone calls-KEEP them SHORT and sweet

Your partners in conversations need to feel that you are not rushing them,but you want them to say specifically what is the problem,and what can they can expect from you…So force them to be precise with well-thought questions and you will both benefit.

Also,a small but effective tip is for you to SMILE WHILE YOU PICK UP THE PHONE AND say HELLO!It might sound worthless,but they will FEEL the smile and they will be grateful. Same can be said when you finish the conversation.


I keep my phone a few meters away,in that box at the entrance,This works for me,because I do not get a lot of of phones.Think what works for you regarding this topic……

I will wait….



Now,what can you do right now to ensure that you will not be distracted by this?


Another tip that worked from me-When I do not need internet,I turn off my wifi router,so I work,and when ,for example,I take a break ,after lunch,I turn it back on regarding a few email,I respond ,then ,off it is again until the evening.

A lot of people ask stupid questions…So why bother with stupid answers when they,by the end of the day,have already found the answer themselves,so that when I respond in the evening they usually say that they figured it out.


If it is too repetitive,or feel lonely or whatever,put some chill music-I recommend Chopin or Erik Satie.It will distract your mind ,that wants novelty,and the thought of going to check 9gag or whatever-facebook,TikTok a.s.o will pop up later and later!

And,if you jot down the things that pop up besides this,and say that you will take care of it later ,your mind will feel that the act of writing means that it is taken care of that thought,and will get back in line.


I recommend HEADSPACE.Short,simple,regular 10 minute use ,each day, and it is like a new world of possiblities has opepend before you.You need to put in the work.

But that is just training for your mind.And it will be grateful,and will improve your life immensely.

What about you?Let me know down below what you think..I read every comment and I want to hear from you …

Thinking about what you entered……..
You are in!
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