Book review: Tender is the night- Scott Fitzgerald

Since I advise all of persons that stumble across this website and I hope to see again,for example if they use the forms,to read more ,today I want to show a few personal hot thoughts regarding this masterpiece.

Thinking about what you entered……..
You are in!

Words cannot make it justice.
TLDR :It is the story of the demise of the domestic love by no strong faults of the characters, but rather the lack of vitality of the love itself between them,because it was created by the wrong reasons,and 3 lasts at most 3 years,as that french author says.
It is truly lyrical,and this aspect alone should guide you to read it.It does not attempt to touch the same level of immaturity in topics such as The Great Gatsby, so you are now warned

Long version:
Words cannot make justice to this book.It is definitely autobiographical,at least inspired by real life events, yet I shall not focus on topics like this(in case you know why Nicole calls him captain in the letters,even though he is not in combat-Good for you,if not-Check out the Yale Classes on YouTube.)

It hauntingly beautiful ,and the main character,Dick(short for Richard) Diver,it is the most pleasantly polite and charming human being that I could intersect in my entire life.Every line that he delivers,for me,I always visualized a polite and witty Bond. He starts out strong,masculine ,with a special kind of quiet intelligence and social skills that really are what caught my eye,what kept me savoring this book and read it very slowly.As a side-note,on google I read that,at 250 words per minute,in 4 and a half hours you will read this…To me,it took me more than one afternoon,with pauses.I mention this so that you are prepared to enjoy this book ,no so much in terms of powerful visual symbols in comparison to Gatsby but rather the complex inner turmoil of the characters.
Also,I need to give credit where credit is due and to mention the beyond-masterfully point of view displacement,that took this book in terms of quality well beyond a stylish story that can be at first Gatsby,in my opinion.

Beyond this,I also need to mention that this book is not so much about Rosemary,the character that this book starts about…She is merely a tool in order to achieve a exterior description of the charm of the relationship between the Diver couple. She is later developed so that we are not feeling that we are being lied to, yet this book should not focus on this.

The name ,Diver, could really be said that it was perfectly put, because there is a rather direct change between the (especially moral )position of the couple.

It can be rather ineffable to try to put in written terms my impressions regarding this book,as it is still rather fresh,still powerfully strong yet I still think that each can see thing differently,so I do not try to force a certain point of view across this medium.

I do think that it is, as it is with wine, some things taste differently when tasted in different points in time. I do not ,I repeat,I DO NOT suggest you to read this while depressed over a relationship or when you feel all less then bubbly in a relationship. It is powerful, yet delicate.
From my personal point of view,I think that ,for this moment of time,it it the best book I read in my entire life.I do hope that you will give it a chance.It might help you grow even.

Take care -David Mead,

What do you think?Let me know down below!

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