How (NOT ) to be an atheist

Welcome back to this website!I hope that you are well,that you are making ends meet without any problem and I reckon that you are asking yourself a few important questions about life,family,the meaning of life and so on…

To me,and for the most part of our existence of own species,there were 2 sides of the coin regarding divinity-You are part of the herd,that does all the kneeling without thinking just because , or you are an atheist…Until something goes rather bad(For me ,flying always makes me a believer,I help the old ladies with their bags and all that,…..until the plane lands at least :D).

To me, it was rather shocking to see that ,as there are many types of religions, there are different types of atheist choices as well.

If you want to learn more,this long post is about this important topic.The book that goes more in-depth and the inspiration for this article is Seven Types of Atheism

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You can take a peek at it using THIS link,free,on the Amazon website.

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This book really slapped my mental position a few times, that is why this article is dedicated to this book..And I strongly suggest to bookmark this page so that you can return whenever you are having more time on your hands.It will be that powerful.

To be an atheist and that is it does not mean anything.You will not say anything if you just declare yourself an atheist Ok,now what?

Human history shows us that religion-or rather-the search for an Superior Being that watches over us- is a rather *natural*,because whenever you let go of their hand ,people will always search for that comfort. A lot of the following IDEAS start from the initial thought that religion is something artificially created,a mistake that does not have anything to do with the true nature of the human spirit.Therefore,if we get rid of the religion VIRUS,we will finally get better…

I think that there is no reason to believe that the spiritual search is not natural,because the human spirit is a special animal.What we see ,what we think will make us pensive ..because a lot of our life is not rational, is not mathematical ,is just going with the flow…And ,to me,it is perfectly normal for a human being ,conscious of it’s mortality and limitations, to look to spirituality for an answer and to develop some irrational beliefs.This is a strong point,because a lot of atheist are ok with spirituality,as a random,unclear word, but not with religion.

If you were to see this, a pensive monkey in it’s natural habitat,conscious of the facts that are beyond it’s reach,and aware of it’s own mortality,you would probably think that is perfectly alright for the monkey to develop some systems to process what is going on and the relationships between different actors that are present in it’s environment and mental habitat.


This idea that is not natural comes from a proud assessment that we are smarter than even our existence….an idea at least haughty.

The problem with Atheism is that ,when you declare yourself an Atheist, you no longer have the same problems , you are ONLY operating from a rational point of view, the irrational was extirpated forever,and you are no longer affected by this *virus*.

Even the notion of Atheism ,as we understand it in the Western world,is rather limited,because it is only referring to the fact that we are just saying that the world was not created by a Holy Ghost with a big head.But this assumption is not even present in a lot of the religions of the world. Buddhism and Hinduism does not promote the idea that the world was created by a magic Daddy.Even the word comes from Greek,meaning Without Gods, and was created to describe the Christians, because they only had one.

Being an atheist means that you are the opposite of only one of the religions of this world.What we understand as Atheism is just a historic reaction to Christianity.So,you are an Atheist, but you are still a result of Christianity.Ups…..

There are described 2 arguments:

1.Atheism in western world is just a response to Anti-Monotheism (one God),but this concept is rather limited because there are a lot of religions that do not have the concept of Divine Creator.

Just because you do not accept a Creator,that does not mean that your human needs are simply not existing.So ,when you say that you are atheist,are simply saying that you are against Christianity,not against religion.

2.Different social constructs that reject the idea of a Creator do use concepts that they inherited from Christianity,based on faith,but they are doing that probably unintentional.

So what is next is a list of subjects that are apparently getting rid of Monotheism but,in reality, are just giving the concept a new outfit (just a replacement of the terms that used the terms like faith).

If you are confused so far,do not worry , I will elaborate on the topics touched above, do not worry .


1.Holy reason

In this category you will find YouTube sensations like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins,even though it started with James Joyce Frazer in the 19th century,that said that the human mental acuity developed as religious,abstract ,then scientific.As long as the humanity is developing,it will grow over such nonsense and will aknowledge that ONLY science is the ultimate authority regarding moral and knowledge.This was developed from a theory of a French semi-senile called August Compte,and this pilozophy was called Positivism.

Now that we know better ,we can worship the true God,Science-

This is the basic idea behind this type of Atheism.

Like God was a random hypothesis and now, with the newly acquired knowledge, we can get over the old primitive science that was Religion and we are now paying our offerings to a new God,with a new scientific calendar,where we would have the Holy Archimedes and ,at Easter,we would have to worship Saint Descartes that figured out that he thinks.There were to be new religious festivals ,and we would have a new Pontiff of the humankind ,and the latter would be Comte himself.

As you might guess, he was dubious enough to not be taken seriously, but the idea that we can fix all with a scientific sentience was flourishing.And then came James Joyce Frazer. and started saying that after we are getting rid of primal needs, Science will fix these spiritual needs that every man has …The problem being the thought that Science can fix these needs.

As a side-note, Ludwig Wittgenstein said about James Joyce Frazer that he was” more savage than the savages that he talks about..The way he explains these primitive activities is more crude and immature than the sense of the activities themselves.”

There was a lot of excitement when the scientific community discovered that the Genesis story was factual wrong….But even from the first century A.D the Jewish philosopher Filo from Alexandria presented that story as a myth, as an allegory,and Saint Augustin took this idea as Genesis as a myth once step further.

The story of Adam and Eve biting from the Tree of Knowledge is a mythological imagination of the ambiguous impact that can be derived from knowledge over the liberty of the Man.Instead of being uplifting,knowledge ca cuff you with a different set of chains.This is the signification of the moment when,after the snake promises them that they will become Gods,Adam and Eve are exiled from the Garden and condemned to a life of endless struggle.

John Gray

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Myths,as a difference from Science, are not an exact science,and act as a rather complex mirror of some human realities, and, from this position,they can have a certain value or not.The myth of Genesis sheds light on one of the most important human debates-Is it better to know or not to know ?From this point of view, the myth of Genesis is a lot more complex than the myths from Ancient Greece,where Truth and Knowledge are automatically intertwined.Here,Knowledge would come hand-in-hand with the Absolute Good.

To become more self-aware is a rather complex process,it is not like you are just getting fuller of a warm light that elevates you to different heights.

Just to wrap this up, this approach of Religion as a bad Science is the most useless of the approaches of Atheism. Religious practices are not interested in Truth,are just the physical manifestation for MEANING.There is nothing in Science that shows that illusions are not useful(See how effective is PLACEBO and you will be surprised.)Remember, the human mind is programmed for survival,not Truth.

If we take an Darwinian Approach,taking into account the human animal,the need for illusion is truly a need for survival,and it is deeply ingrained in our DNA.

2.The holy human Advancement(or Humanity)

This is also a also a big one in Atheism, this belief that the humankind is gradually developing and we will all reach such a point that we will live in a Earth Paradise.

IF you are a believer,like I was,you might be interested to know that this is also coming out of Christianity beliefs. AND THIS IS NOT EXACTLY FALSE,IT IS JUST THE FACT THAT IT DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING REALLY.

This is just a positive aspiration, and not truly a fact.

A religion could be a useful illusion, but you need to remember that it is simply an illusion ,because it can get dangerous.

Ancient Greeks and Romans did not believe that the civilization is evolving in a straight line…From what they could observe,civilizations start,grow,and then the wither…just like nature…and the history is cyclical..And then Jesus came and decided the Start Point and the End Point. Before Christianity,there was not a belief that the Earth is a battlefield of Good and Evil, because the Ancient Gods were just a bunch of drunken uncles and horny aunts.The ancient belief was that what you acquired will be lost ,and so on,forever…

Then came Christianity with it’s new outlook.

This belief that is the main point of the second kind of Atheists is just bad when taken as the absolute and fool-proof way of being.

I will note that I am well aware of the fact that Christianity had a terrible negative effect towards the diversity that was present in Ancient times,as you can find out more in this AMAZING BOOK CALLED THE DARKENING AGES. I truly think that everyone ,especially people interested in this topic should read it.

The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World Paperback – April 16, 2019. It was truly an eye-opening book for me, and I truly hope that you will consider reading it.

The main point is that the technological advancement is corresponding with the human and spiritual or moral development or arts or politics ..But the belief that internal core of the human being is better than it was 2000 years ago is flawed.Sure,there are exceptions, but looking at the bigger picture, I still think that people in a group are just as intelligent as the lowest intelligence in that group,it is simply the fact that we have better opportunities and infrastructure.

3.Holy Science

1899-A German author called Ernst Haeckel publishes a book called THE RIDDLE OF UNIVERSE. In his approach, that stage of science showed,according to him, that the superior being is the white man,and everything under is just a inferior human being state.All these discoveries were after a century of phrenology (The so-called science where the scientist could read your quality you by the shape of your skull, so because women have a inferior skull,they should not be let into things like politics or anything of substance)

So was the start of the Eugenic movement, created to grow the human advancement to it’s final destination.

And yes,there were theologians that got on top of this movement and created evolutionary theologisms.(Again,religion=/ spirituality…..But there are stupid people with a robe in both fields.)

This idea was taken out of context from Darwin,but he never assumed a purpose ,a improvement in quality of the evolutionary material.

After the Nazis, the believers all took a step back and started saying-“We were just saying,just talking man…”

About this topic ,trans-humanism you will see that Yuval Noah Harari is talking about in Homo DHomo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow Kindle Edition

There is nothing clear about the purpose of this, are we trying to abolish the human being?

4.Holy Politics

One concept that leaked from Christianity is the one called Redemption.The human spirit is always in a continuous race for Redemption.You can find this concept in Gnosticism that tried to merge Christianity, so you end up with the idea that the humankind will be redeemed by the powerful light of knowledge.

In Christianity,you are in the dark,God comes,there is light,and now you are saved!

In Plato,you are dumb in the cage,somebody comes, there is light,and now you are saved!

Now, there is the belief that Technology will come,you are now cyborg,there is light,and now you are saved!

Always with a Apocalypse.

The idea is that there is no such thing as a secular society.Sure,the power of the Church has been lower…but a lot of the secular thinking is just repressed religion.There is no authentic Atheist society,but just one where religion is put under the carpet.

Look at the Bolshevik revolution (remember Apocalypse from above?),The Lenin mausoleum and the cubes for him that the Russian people were forced to have in their home for him.

Nazis with their Eugenic took their Third Reich ideas from a teologist. They had an Arian ISIS basically.

The book offers more in-depth info about Voltaire and other towers of Illuminism that were racists ,facts that were neglected

The idea is that,when you go over one country and use force to impose your point of view, your idea of what you represent is not that different from religious zealot’ ardor.The idea that the world is going to a certain destination, and you know it,and you must IMPOSE it onto others is driven from Christian norms.It is a slippery place to be.Politics will always go into this idea, it just depends of the amount of vigor ,like Nazis or like the American way of leading this tango.

5. Against God

The books touches on Dostoevsky,Marquis de Sade and another guy. Marquis de Sade is associated with libertine sexual behavior,but the main force in his life was not the appetite towards crime and sex,but a hatred against God, and he thought that religion is an obstacle in the human natural behavior,which is generally more full of vices and crime and less virtuous than you might imagine.It is necessary to do this kind of cruel things, to satisfy your nature.The idea of GOD is the only thing that he could not forgive to humankind.

He misses the point that the need for faith is also presents into our human nature.He just put Nature in the throne of God.

5. The spirit of life – The spirit of human experience that can be sometimes felt.An accidental sensation,a compression of a mix of feelings into one.Moments when you feel alive.

The example for this kind is George Santayana..From his is the quote-

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

He saw religions as a natural necessity, a set of stories with which people go to war against the unknown.

He believed ,like Einstein, in Spinoza’s God, one that it is not concerned with the human life,basically a Pantheist,he believed in Nature as a God.Or that this virus called religion has a set of truths that cannot be expressed in a different form, to this is referring Santayana when he said he has the same God.

Now, I must mention that this is not referring to Religion in the INSTITUTIONALIZED FORM AKA the Child-loving Catholics priests and so on..that is so ,so close to politics, because the need for Divine is different from church.

The spirit of life is not in the human perception, it starts in you head and it is suited towards your individual needs.And no religion will suffice to the needs of everyone.Here it is a great reference to the sensation described by Marcel Proust,of a few seconds of discovering something that will make you thoroughly present and everything else just actors in a different play.

7.The Atheist of silence.

Arthur Schopenhauer could be distilled into –

Life is meaningless,everything is for nothing,SAD.

But he believed into what Santayana said…But he belied into a mystic Atheism.

For Spinoza,God is an endless substance ,without start or finish,without any life attribute in own perception.God is Nature, but not human Nature,but the SUM of all things.There is no good or evil.There is only God.

I could dwell more into this topic, but you can probably understand the feeling of searching for God and finding nothing.

As a conclusion,since a big chunk of us is inclining towards irrational ,we will always have this tendency to believe in stuff. Even if you do not believe in God,you believe in sex,God,money a.s.o..So you can either accept it and see how it can improve your life ,or you let it rot in the back of your soul..There is no need for 10 good beliefs ,as before Christianity, regarding faith, the question was –Why are you practicing? And not to whom you think about when you are sitting at night at home.

A world without a personified God is just as mysterious, so you can relish from a personal set of beliefs.

Thinking about what you entered……..
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