The Parasite (2019)-Oscar winning movie -Personal thoughts.

A good way to have fun and not to spend too much is quality entertainment.So today I talk about a great movie that I saw,Parasite.

Here is the trailer if you havent seen it to get a grip on what it looks like.

Parasite is a movie that won the Oscar for Best Movie,Best Foreign Movie,Best Script and Director.And it has another 2 nominations.

It is definitely great,and I did enjoy it.

I was interested for how others perceive it.

And 2 You tube creators did a great job with this video,that I suggest you take a look at:


I do have to admit that I do not get the solution that is offered.I mean..For me ,capitalism it not perfect,but it is the best we could do so far.Yes, the companies will not offer bigger salaries because we cannot force them and because we are replaceable(there is always someone far away and cheaper).So,this is what we got..Fight or live in the basement.As simple as that.We are all parasites.So besides the cinematography ,what is the solution that this movie hints at?

What do you think?Let me know down below!

Thinking about what you entered……..
You are in!

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