How much software do you use?

In recent years I have learned not to install software just because I can. The times of the Chip and XPC buildings have passed, from where we install everything. Yes, I know, I can hack Adobe CS8 if I want to, but I only use Photoshop, and version 8 does exactly what I need (basic edits). Plus I have a license. On the other hand, the guys who start it less often than me are in a hurry to install the whole CS4, baby! It is not known when I need Illustrator, to have it there. What if I get a file and I need to see it?

It’s full of people who install everything they catch, just because they can. And then he marvels that the system is hard for them. Office? It’s online, it’s free, I install everything, even if I never used Access! It is Romanian to take everything that is free and to bring it in sadness, because it is not known when you need it. So is computers. All the software, all the music, all the movies. It doesn’t matter that they are bad! Put everything in there! Do you pay € 2 to watch a movie? Ah, no thanks, maybe once a month. Do you buy absolutely useful software? Ah, no thanks, I find one free online.

If you feel like getting a little annoyed, watch the discussion that starts here.

Yeah, in that picture there’s a cabbage!

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