My first generator: Westinghouse WGen7500

Because I chose to spend this pandemic in the country where the dog can run badly through the small yard, and because last week a dummy entered the truck in a high voltage pole, last Wednesday I returned for about 8 hours. in a fairly comfortable middle age.

However, I had to say bye-bye to these technologies that you are generally super dependent on: toilet, internet & TV. At least from the comfort point of view, we had the internet through a hotspot on the phone. And I don’t want to go into too much detail about the toilet because it’s not glam enough for the social media of 2020.

But believe me, 8 hours of uncertainty was enough to think about investing in a generator. It is better to be there and to hinder him than to miss him the next time something similar happens. Especially during this time of state in the house.

I asked Dan if he had any recommendations and he showed me a cheap portable plastic-wrapped similar to a larger suitcase. I also advised with a father-in-law who said he would be better off naked because he has better ventilation. That’s how we got to the one in the picture.

I can say that from the beginning I avoided looking at generators that were below a certain price because although they do their job on the site, they are not so bright when it comes to feeding an entire house for longer periods of time. . At least that’s how they wrote various reviews that I read on this topic.

I chose this brand for two big and wide reasons: the engine and because we did not find negative reviews for the similar models produced by them. I especially looked at the AGT 3501 and 3701 which are their 3000W models. But 3kW was a bit much for what I needed.

After 4 working days, he came yesterday and I put him to work for an hour. I liked that he started from the first and did not comment when he had to keep 3 laptops, a TV, a power station, a water pump and 2 refrigerators. It constantly output 230-240V and had only two fluctuations of power large enough to be seen in rectifiers, but not in the operation of appliances.

It’s a bit noisy, the dog was scared the second time I started, so I put that flameproof blanket under him to mitigate the noise from the vibrations. On the product page it says it would have somewhere around 69 dB, I was not inspired to measure the noise with the phone, but it is not really a noise you would want to hear for long periods of time.

That is why I would say that at these costs, it is more of a temporary solution for short periods of time when the distribution system works. It could not take more than 3 hours because it does not allow the tank anyway: it consumes about 1 liter of gasoline per hour and has a 3.1 liter tank.

Anyway, it is an acquisition that I am currently excited about and somehow makes me a little quieter during this hectic period. The stress of not having the power and not being able to work properly from home was not the cherry on the cake we were looking for now.

Before I finish I would like to make an explanation that may seem to the mind of the rooster for some, but it could save some lives for others: the connection of the electric generator to the electrical system of the house is only done after you have disconnected from the national network. Otherwise you risk running a gill on a pole somewhere. That’s why you have electrical panel with general safety, to avoid these situations.

We placed it near the summer kitchen, where I connected and grounded it. It is protected from rain and relatively far from the house so as not to disturb too much: both through noise and noise.

If you have any questions or queries I might ask, leave a comment. These days I am more present in the yard than normal.

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