18 things to do at home.

We selected a few things to do, in a time when we stay home much longer than we would like. And it is healthy to keep our eyes on the news, even for short periods of time. Moments like this are suction-giant energy and attention: nothing exists except the feeling of panic, lack of control, anxiety. In addition, social distance closes us in our own homes and our own minds, where things become very narrow. Any way to get out of this and learn something, change the perspective, regain control is essential.



  • Chef’s Table series, on Netflix. And if you don’t like to cook, the stories are fascinating. Plus, it’s about the “kitchen” of some of the most famous chefs on the planet.
  • All the videos on The School of Life‘s youtube channel. No matter where you are, there is something for you.
  • Tidying Up, with Marie Kondo. A Netflix mini-series about the art of cleaning. A delight.



  • The Science of Well Being, a free course from Yale, with hundreds of thousands of students on Coursera.
  • Designing Your Life, another course that can be fun, but also useful, created by the authors of the book of the same name, teachers at Stanford. In real life, it’s one of the most sought after college courses.
  • Learning How to Learn. One of the most requested courses on Coursera. An interview with Barbara Oakley, the author, here.


  • The art of mediation– This is pure delight for your mind, and will help you a lot in a lot of different areas of your life,personal relationships .Try CALM or HEADSPACE
  • Write daily in a journal.It helps to unload the “luggage” from the head. Try Morning Pages, Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way practice, or 5 Minute Journal
  • Create a “thank you jar”. Any jar is good, as long as you put in it daily reasons to be grateful for something. It sounds hilarious and, maybe, stupid, but gratitude breaks the endless stream of worry and brings little perspective.
  • Exercises at home. There are a lot of applications. I use Freeletics and am very excited. Physical execution is a great antidote.

What do you do to improve the quality of your hermit life?

Thinking about what you entered……..
You are in!

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