We are ok with morbid obesity

Since staying home I have inevitably started to consume more TV. Let’s see what they say, how many doctors get sick, how many doctors don’t have protective gear, these things that give you a bit of context.

By implication, with the consumption of TV, the reach of advertisements on the individual, as well as mine, has increased.

One thing that caught my attention is the very high weight of advertisements for products that assure you that it is ok to slap yourself in this period, to lock yourself in an emergency hospital, because there are solutions to lazy ball. at work, solutions that aid digestion, solutions that regenerate the liver, solutions that annihilate manageability (burns).

And other solutions that assure you that it is ok to eat brother, until the scales run beneath you, is ok, we have solutions to digest.

I understand that alcohol and tobacco ads are banned on TV because they have harmful valences and can attract the addiction of young people, children, those who have no discernment.

I understand that we can’t fight the ads on sugar stuff, which is just as harmful, but you can’t deprive the people of sweets, but to come and promote the quick digestion stuff seems crazy to me.

Morbid obesity is a serious matter, I do not say it, studies say it.
So how do we do it? Do we encourage fattening just to sell some products from the pharma industry?

Do we understand here that the pharma has a better lobby than alcohol and tobacco in front of the authorities?

Do the guys at FCC do anything else?

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