Did you get your money back?

I am the kind of person who does not take his vacations, trips, city breaks or whatever else exists in the matter of caroling madness, through the travel agents. Not even flight aggregators use. Moreover, I could not even once in my life enjoy an offer of that kind of “boss, how loud I am, I got tickets in Berlin with five euros round trip”.

Please, I got caught, but I didn’t take it, because the ultra-mega-low prices are not in the periods I want, but when the airlines want, that is, in the worst times to visit the place. Or I’m not at all delighted that I caught a Berlin for five euros, in December or January, when all you can do about it is to smell the cold and shelter from the brewery to the brewery.

Coming back, I said that I do not resort to the services of travel agencies for a reason that I consider as justified: I do not see why my money would pass through a third party (the agency), as long as I am in I can find flights and accommodations at similar or even better prices. Where else do you say I like to do this.

I am looking for flights and accommodations with the skills of a sales agent in tursim. Ah, yes, considering I’m looking for them, I think I’m a little over any sales agent. I would probably buy through an agency only if I had no alternative. And, if I’m to take it as my outings have shown for the past ten-five years, it seems that I made the right choice.

And now we get to what I wanted to tell you about this long introduction. I also see on Facebook people who should have been left wondering where in this period and, because of the pandemic, now they are staying in the house and complaining that the travel agencies they bought bought to give them their money back.

So, here’s another reason why I congratulate myself on doing everything with my glove, and that I don’t have to waste my time and nerves arguing with the citizens and agents through my agents for my money. Unless you have someone to ask, of course, there is a chance that nobody will answer.

Not to mention that I also read an unfortunate story about an airline (I forgot who it was, that I would have no embarrassment to give it its name) that refused to cancel its flights to and from Italy, although the authorities had already banned them. Obviously, not to give the money back or at least to save time, on the system “we waited for you, but you did not come.”

On April 4 we should have left for Palermo. Unfortunately, this madness happened and it was gone. I had taken the plane tickets to Ryanair and I can honestly tell you that I had put them on a cross. Only when I was thinking how many hundreds of thousands of people are taking their money back, and I imagined them from Ryanair pulling out their phones and email servers from the socket.

Well, exactly on the day when the air traffic with Italy was announced, Ryanair sent me an email and they gave me two options: to return my money within 7 days or give me a voucher on which I can use when I want it. Obviously, I opted for the first party. And what do you think, in five days, I had the money back in my account, beautiful and elegant. Which made me grow up to be respectful of these guys at Ryanair. Again, in my mind I had already put the money cross.

And as the accommodation was being booked, and I ALWAYS take the opportunity to cancel, it was a blast to get my money back. No, here’s why sometimes it’s good not to scramble for a few euros, the difference between “with the possibility of cancellation” and without, at least rest assured that, if anything, you’ll take your money back.

That being said, my advice to you is one. Yes, it would be cool and convenient to buy the package prepared by an agency, because you can no longer spend time searching for flights or hotels, but after my head it is much better to be at your fingertips. No one will ever be able to find accommodations like you would, and on the air, excuse me, but I have never seen an agency at a price better than the one I found directly at the airlines. . In addition, if situations like these are to be reached, at least you ask yourself directly with those where your money reaches, not through the intermediary.

Besides, I have such a suspicion that many of you should have gone somewhere during this time, that the Easter holiday was coming, and on May 1, the world was beginning to walk. How’s the deal, did you get your money back? That it is clear that we are leaving nowhere for a while.

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