Crisis journal log – day 23

Hello guys!

Today’s article is about the news that you should be paying attention,and I will start with what caught my eye so far…

Regarding the emergency fund..

In my bubble, the optimism is quite high,only the emergency fund is missing.

Cograts to those that are following and IMPLEMENTING what I share with my readers.

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Your colleague to financial freedom,David,owner of

Going back to the all the news regarding lay-offs….I will suggest you to keep the productivity up and be the best in your field .

The stories with people affected by the crisis began:

Maria, 28, entrepreneur
In the fall I gave up my job, manager in a company, and opened a space for cultural events. From autumn until February I arranged it. And at the beginning of March we lost everything.

Mădălina was a manager at the age of 28 and left without his own money. In fact, without any money. The parents are from the province. And again, without money, she opened up a space for cultural events.

Otherwise, about next week, people’s reserves should start to run out and then we’ll have fun.

What do you believe that will happen next?

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