La casa del papel -new season.Why?

Probably not, I’ll never be allowed to. And, most certainly, I will never see in my life any Netflix campaign, but one has to say: At the Paper House it should have ended, in full glory, after the first season. The one I started to see in a shower (because I was annoyed by the ruthless online campaign that was being done), after which I gave up play and I didn’t get up from the armchair anymore. Basically, I was stinging, with my soul to my mouth, and enjoying it until Denver’s last idiot laugh.

What followed after the first season was just a chase for money and a “let’s do it again, it’s a shame we didn’t make it”. As it is, it’s a pity not to make a lot of money when you just have to bend over to collect them.

The second season was for me as a relationship in which the passion has long gone, but the two remain together for the children. I saw it, but I wish I hadn’t. And when it was over, I hoped with all my soul that it would not continue, that it was ready. It wasn’t.

Season three came out, which I followed as a difficult birth in which doctors are forced to remove the child with the forceps. Of course I was ashamed to say that I saw him. Whenever I was talking to friends and talking about it, I lied to them, I told them I heard that it ends in a fishtail and that I better wait for season four to see all three. An innocent lie, but as useful as possible, because in two seconds the talks stopped, so that people would not give me spoilers. I’m sorry, but it was a necessary lie.

But now that season four has started, I can’t lie anymore. It is stupid, it is so stupid that, although I had planned to run a marathon, I wanted to finish it one day, I simply couldn’t. From time to time I had to stop him and look at anything else to get back and have the power to take him to the end. I took him, but once in two scenes I was surprised thinking one and the same thing: God, how stupid it is.

No, I had to say that because online is the same unleashed campaign again, only this time it is based on nothing. Only on that first season that charmed us all three years ago. Or, please, he has charmed us, these, who liked us.

So you don’t jump from the bottom up. on the grounds that the tastes are not discussed and that “I like you, boss, what’s your problem?”, I will warn you that I have written nowhere that you have no right to like. And many infectious movies and series have come to my heart in my life. But don’t start saying it’s good, because it’s not. It’s like when you get a craving for that crazy salami with bread. And you eat, you like it. But good it doesn’t have to be.

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