10 Apocalyptic prophecies that have not been fulfilled

Apocalyptic representations have always been a rich source for the collective imaginary. Periodically there are stories and stories about the end of the world as we know it, with or without the possibility of salvation. Whether it is a justification of some conceptions of life through revelations about the destiny of mankind, or the need to escape from everyday life and to give reality to deeper meanings, people have not lacked prophecies. Here are some of them:

  1. Comet Hailey. The impressive astronomical event of 1910 would also become a source of anxiety for the population, spreading nonsense that the comet’s toxic gases would intoxicate the earth. Some opportunists took advantage of hysteria and sold anti-comet pills. As the day neared the approach of the earth, some citizens took refuge in churches, others barricaded themselves in houses and put towels on the threshold to stop the ‘smoke’.
  2. Milerites. The false prophet William Miller is perhaps the most famous prophet of the 19th century. He predicted Jesus’ coming and that this would happen after the earth was swallowed by fire in March 1843 or 1844. By spreading his idea in the press and all kinds of posters, he managed to convince no less than 100,000 people to sell the goods. When the end did not come and the date was changed several times, the followers did not get discouraged and founded the Adventist cult.
  3. Harold Camping. The evangelist predicted the apocalypse, also related to the coming of Jesus, for the year 1994. Camping elaborated his calculations based on some data found through the Bible, also changing the date several times.
  4. 2012 – The Mayan Apocalypse. Closer to us, the Mayan apocalypse proved to be the result of over-interpretations of calendar systems and a misunderstanding of the philosophy of cyclical time. It was the moment when many stories circulated about the mysterious Nibiru planet that we would have collided with.
  5. Pentecostals. In 1963, Arizona residents noticed a bizarre cloud above the desert. Pentecostal pastor William Branham, who had founded a spiritual healing movement, began to talk to people about his meeting with seven angels who would have revealed to him what the seals mentioned in the Apocalypse of John meant and loaded him with visions that indicated fateful day somewhere around 1977.
  6. The Anabaptists in Münster. After the Protestant Reformation countless millennialist movements emerged, some so radical that they also upset dissident theologians like Martin Luther. ‘Those who will be baptized again’ rejected any form of political organization and social hierarchy in favor of an ideal theocratic community. In 1530 the Anabaptists took possession of the city of Munster and considered it the new Jerusalem. But the situation was far from the theocratic ideal: Jan Bockelson, a tailor from Leiden, called himself the Second Coming Messiah, took more wives, issued his own currency and tormented his fellow citizens. The end of the Anabaptist ‘republic’ happened in a bloodbath.
  7. Jehovah’s Witnesses. The beginning of the First War panicked many people, but especially the Zion surveillance society, from which the sect of Jehovah’s Witnesses was formed. The founder, Taze Russell, had once again unsuccessfully predicted the coming of Jesus, and the war now afforded him the opportunity to repeat it.
  8. The Great Fire in London. It should not surprise us that the disaster of 1666 was interpreted as an apocalypse, taking into account the Christian significance of 666. In addition, a year before, a plague epidemic had consumed more than 100,000 lives. The catastrophic fire erupted at a bakery in Pudding Lane spread rapidly, destroying 13,000 buildings, but the number of victims was only 10.
  9. Particle accelerator. The contemporary man is not far from the temptation of the apocalypse and to create myths. The accelerator launched in 2008 in Geneva allowed scientists to reproduce and observe conditions immediately after the Big Bang, in order to better understand the formation of the universe. The media and media fears invoked the possibility of creating black holes that could have “swallowed” the earth.
  10. Y2K. The year 2000 was also accompanied by all sorts of fears, but perhaps the largest was registered in the IT field, with the so-called “Y2K computer glitch” Initially, when the codes for computers were elaborated, the data was shortened. with the last two digits so it doesn’t take up much memory. When the year 2000 was reached, so the abbreviation 00, the system risked making mistakes by confusing 1900. Some believed that this ‘glitch’ would attract apocalyptic consequences, that the economy would no longer work. However, the US government and corporations spent $ 108 million on the Y2K solution, and the only negative consequence was some outstanding bills from 1900 …

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