Today’s history: Molime and other black swans

The history of the world can be also the history of the plagues that have always affected us. If history didn’t stop, neither would the epidemics cease. Evidence, the recent epidemic of coronavirus that has spread worldwide at an astonishing speed.
Epidemiologists have said it long ago: The question is not whether a new plague will affect the world, but when it will break out. Great epidemics have destroyed armies, devastated countries, swept continents. Episodes of plague, cholera, typhus, influenza have remained in people’s memory, marking an era or linking to the name of a historical figure.

Today, the consequences of a pandemic or epidemic cannot be estimated in their severity. People circulate at an unprecedented level in history. The economy is globalized and any disturbance on a significant market is spreading instantly and may destabilize the global economy. The panic sustained by misinformation channels affects people’s behavior, and other misfortunes can throw the world into chaos. There are things that are happening and will remain tomorrow as today’s history.

In addition to the coronavirus problem, the crisis of migrants who have been sent to force the borders of the European Union is added. Migrants are displaced from Syria, where the interests of the larger or smaller powers do not take into account the lives of people. After all, the same unmeasured dreams of expansion and domination lead to the same effects: wars, refugees, plagues and destabilization.

On the other hand, the world has much greater capacity to respond to threats. Over time, historians will judge how the technology society of the early 21st century reacted to a wave of unforeseen threats that arose in “coronavirus time.”

Let’s pay attention to what’s going on around us because all we see today is history. History is written under our eyes with good and evil. And about the plague, let us not forget that we are the descendants of those who survived them.

Thinking about what you entered……..
You are in!

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