Apple unveils new iPad Pro triple-camera LiDAR models, a new Magic Keyboard keyboard

Apple no longer introduced new products on March 31, but just yesterday on March 18. It’s about the new iPad Pro models, with 11-inch and 12.9-inch diagonals. They come with a new processor, a triple room with a square format design like the iPhone 11 Pro, but also a new keyboard, the Magic Keyboard. We have details and prices below.

Inside we find an Apple A12Z Bionic processor, not that Apple A13X I heard about at one point. We have no 5G version by the way. iPad Pro 2020 has a body made of metal, unibody and retains the design of the predecessors of 2018, outside the square room of course. We have USB-C down port, quad speakers and an Apple A12Z Bionic octa core processor. The square camera has 3 sensors, one of which is 12 MP main, one 10 MP ultrawide and one LiDAR for AR and depth detection.

We also have an improved microphone system, and coming back to the camera, it allows for 4K video capture, distance measurement, 3D object creation and virtual object application in AR over the surrounding reality. We also have WiFi and 4G faster, and the screen would offer refresh rates of 120 Hz, but also True Tone support and colors in the P3 range. Apple promises 10-hour battery life and unveils new accessories, such as a Magic Keyboard for iPad. The keyboard is inspired by the new MacBook Air 2020 and comes with trackpad with new control gestures, especially on the side of the app switcher, but also the activation of Dock and Control Center.

It looks more like a classic keyboard than a tablet. It also has USB-C port, which also charges the tablet and keyboard. The keyboard will arrive in May for $ 299 for the 11-inch iPad and $ 349 for the 12.9-inch. It attaches to the tablet with magnets and has a special hinge, which allows adjusting the viewing angle to 130 degrees. The keys are backlit and have a travel of 1 mm.

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The good news is that we also have compatibility with older iPad Pro. The 2020 iPad Pro will arrive on silver and Space Gray, costing upwards of $ 799 for the 11-inch model and $ 999 for the 12.9-inch. We also have another new product, a MacBook Air 2020, which we will write separately.

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