How to get something USEFUL from this period of time off!

If you are one of those who can stay home during the coronavirus pandemic, take advantage of the extra free time to learn something new on the many online platforms available.

I know many people who in recent years have set out to make a radical career change, as they were not satisfied with the current jobs. At the same time, many of these people told me that they did not actually have the time to learn something new in parallel with the current job. In addition, the option of giving up work and spending several months learning something new was not feasible in the context of lack of savings or spending on bank or rent rates.

If you count yourself among these people, the coronavirus pandemic that is currently affecting Europe could be an unexpected chance to have the time to learn something new. Obviously, this is especially true for people who have the opportunity to work from home, but also for people who in the next period will face the prospect of being out of work due to the fact that the area in which they work is strongly affected by the pandemic. .

The best part is that there are numerous platforms where you can find free courses in certain areas. Thus, even if the pandemic will soon affect your income, you can learn a new skill without spending extra.

Also, in addition to this initiative, you have many other courses, some of them free, on various online platforms.

One of the most popular platforms is Udemy, where you can find courses on almost any subject made by independent people.

Udemy has numerous marketing campaigns through which it frequently offers courses at prices of only 12 – 15 euros, so for a sum of more than 50 lei, you have permanent access to a course that can help you learn something new.

In addition to Udemy, you have other attractive platforms. Coursera is one of the most appreciated platforms by those who want courses from specialists. Here you can usually find online courses from prestigious universities around the world, including the United States, Great Britain and other European states.

Also, a platform similar to Coursera is EDX, which also offers a wide variety of online courses in almost any field.

Many courses offered by Coursera and EDX can be accessed for free, either partially or completely. Thus, you do not have to worry if you are not willing to spend money for such an activity. In the case of most courses offered free of charge, you can obtain a certificate at the end of the course, but this is usually a counter-cost and requires an online payment, ranging from 50 euros to 90 euros.

Regardless of the platform you choose, you have numerous online courses, including free ones, to learn the basics of a new profession. Or, if you do not intend to change your job, you can learn new things about topics you are passionate about, but for which you have not had time.

How do you think about using the extra time spent at the pandemic at home to learn something new? If you found an attractive course on such a platform, do not hesitate to tell us what it is.

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