#DavidEntertainment- Foodie Love

If a few years ago he was called a cook and he was an oil type guy who was locked in the kitchen now things have changed. His name is Chef and he stands in front. I find this ascension sensational and I am very happy for those in the field. Because it is an extremely hard work done with many, many sacrifices. I have good news for all those who are passionate about gastronomy.

Foodie Love is the first television series project created by Goya Award-winning director Isabel Coixet. All 8 episodes are available on HBO GO.

When a dating application that finds lonely people passionate about gastronomy makes the connection between two thirty-something year olds, they begin to get to know each other through dishes such as ham, ramen and other sophisticated dishes. But they both hold back because of previous relationships.

They will find out if the things they have in common, such as their passion for Japanese food or their dislike for snobbery of some who call themselves “foodie,” will be enough to help them taste true love.

Foodie Love was shot in Spain, Italy, France and Japan. It is the first Spanish drama produced by HBO Europe.

Laia Costa plays the main female role. Nominated for a BAFTA Rising Star in 2017, Costa won the Gaudi award for her portrayal of the multi-award winning film Victoria, along with a nomination for Best Actress at the European Film Awards. Her film credits also include productions such as Only You, Life Itself, Newness and Duck Butter, and television credits include titles such as Cites, Bandolera, Pulseras Rojas and Carlos, Rey Emperador.

Argentine actor and director Guillermo Pfening embodies the other half of the couple: his character is a successful mathematician, cultivated, but sometimes naive. Pfening won the award for Best Actor at the Tribeca Film Festival for his portrayal of the feature film Nobody Looks at Us and in his home country he is known for the Supermax, Valiente and Vidas robadas series. His film credits include Born and Bred and The German Doctor (Wakolda).

Foodie Love is written and directed by Isabel Coixet and produced by Miss Wasabi for HBO Europe. Executive producers for HBO Europe are Miguel Salvat, Steve Matthews and Antony Root.

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