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Hello guys and welcome to another post about financial minimalism, in the special category of #DavidInsidersPick , where we share what have found a great addition to our minimalist lifestyle .

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  • Amazon points to studies that show that it is a lot more effective than regular ,traditional flossing in a variety of different areas of oral hygiene.
  • On Amazon , water flossers have gained a lot of well-deserved hype(like this Waterpik model with over 7,800 5-star reviews on Amazon.)
  • At work, where I spend quite a lot of my time, the one that worked best for me for the 3 months that that I have been using at work is this one. Read more down below for my honest impressions.

Plaque is basically the bane of your mouth’s existence. This sticky film can accumulate on your teeth and lead to issues like cavities and sore, puffy gums. Is a water flosser the best way to prevent grody plaque from building up between your teeth?

Blasting your teeth with an appliance that would fit right in at the dentist’s office seems like a good idea in theory, but you might be wondering if there’s any point in buying a water flosser when you can use regular ol’ string floss.

Just like string floss, a water flosser cleans between your teeth.

Removing little bits of gunk from your teeth is super important. When you allow food and drink particles to stew in your mouth, the resulting plaque releases acids that harm your enamel (the tough external portion of your teeth), according to the American Dental Association (ADA). These acids can eventually drill cavities into your teeth and cause gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease.

A little bit of background information

As a child, my teeth were a lot less than perfect (because of the ample gaps between the straight teeth), so I needed to be do something.

The powers in

To avoid the cost of braces, the powers that be (who also respond to “mom” and “dad”) decided that I would be getting bonds to fill in the spaces rather than braces. My underbite would have to remain quirky.

Thanks to instant gratification and the opportunity to leapfrog right over the foundational years of losing a retainer in a lunch napkin, I was excited.

A decade later, I’m still thankful, but I might have opted for braces if it had all been the same. I’ve chipped those bonds on toasted bread and, yes, even just whilst flossing — and they’re not cheap fixes.

But it’s not exactly an excuse to stop practicing great oral hygiene; my dentist and I both agree that flossing is a necessary habit. There’s no way around it. Without it, plaque can build up in places toothbrushes can’t reach and lead to gum disease and cavities, according to the ADA.

So, imagine my excitement about the fanfare water flossers were receiving on the internet. This one by Waterpik has over 7,800 5-star ratings on Amazon. If they lived up to the hype, I could save myself a lot of anxiety, and potentially a lot of money. Even for people who don’t have the exact same situation, water flossers are supposed to be way easier to use than string floss and also more effective.

Dental floss only works if you’re doing it regularly and in the correct motions and intensity. So for string floss, it comes down to two things most users are arguably less-than-confident about: perfect execution and consistency. 

So I wanted a quality one, and so I aimed for the best, because I am too poor to buy low-quality goods!

I researched the market, I found impressions from Amazon, forums and friends from all the different corners of the world and here are my results:

Waterpik is the leading name in water flossers, and offers studies that show it to be 51% more effective than dental floss for reducing gingivitis, 2X as effective as dental floss at reducing gingival bleeding, and 29% more effective as dental floss at removing plaque. It’s also ADA-accepted.

Some of the details to keep in mind:

Waterpik gives you different heads for different needs!

1. You can personalize brush heads and settings based on need.

There is a setting for flossing and massaging, so you can do either one. Start with the lower water pressure settings to help you acclimate, then customize based on preferences.

Waterpik also sends along different tips for different uses.

You’ll get 3 Classic tips, 1 toothbrush tip, 1 plaque seeker tip, and 1 pik pocket tip.

  • Classic tip: This is the one that you’ll use to replace flossing/is meant for general use. Unless you have crowns and other more serious dental work, in which case you’ll want to opt for the Plaque seeker tip.
  • Toothbrush tip: This is in case you want to Waterpik at the same time as you brush your teeth. While a good idea, I agreed with most reviews that found it to be less efficient than using their own toothbrushes.
  • Plaque seeker tip: If you’ve got anything more serious than fillings in your mouth, you’ll likely want to use this tip as your daily option.
  • Pik pocket tip: Meant for people with periodontal pockets or furcations and is meant to be used at the lowest pressure.

2. At first, it’s going to be messy. But there are ways to avoid this.

The first time I used this, the water ricocheted off my teeth and hit the mirror. I was startled by both the amount of water used and how messy it was. I quickly learned to close my mouth around it while using the water flosser/leave only a very small gap — pretty much exactly like you do at the dentist.

And after using, make sure to empty the remaining water to keep the device clean. 

3. It isn’t silent, so plan accordingly.

It uses a little motor to work, which you will hear while using it. If you have roommates, you’ll probably want to use it before they head to bed. It will also need countertop space, so don’t buy one if you have nowhere to put it.

All in all, if you’re looking for a more effective mode of flossing and have the countertop space, this might be one way to improve consistency and efficacy. And if you, like me, find the normal process of flossing painful or horribly long and dull, then this is a great buy if you still want the benefits of clean teeth. 

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser, available on Amazon, $69.99

What about work oral hygiene?

At work, because there is not a lot of space and I wanted something easy and portable, I was interested in a travel-type water flosser.

This is how I ended up with this one:

It is portable, easy to manoeuvre and I know that I am sure that I get only the best , because I could not be any happier with my smile.

I hope that you are getting your’s as well!

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