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Hobbies aren’t just a young man’s game. In fact, as you get a little older, you may find you need them more.

If you’re just looking for a good way to enjoy your free time, try a few of these ideas out to have fun and stay dignified.

Here are the BEST hobbies for retired men, and men over 50:

1. Infuse Alcohol

Are you looking for a hobby that’s highly useful (and honestly, highly impressive), yet incredibly simple?

Infusing alcohol (making flavorless alcohol have any flavor characteristic) could be the perfect hobby.

It’s incredibly easy:

Just combine a flavorful ingredient in a non-flavored alcohol, seal it in a bottle, and wait a few days. That’s it. You can make really delicious combinations:

Bacon bourbon. Apple cinnamon whiskey. Chili pepper tequila.

Here’s the takeaway:

Think about infusing as cooking for people who enjoy great tasting liquors… except that your creative infusions are incredibly easy to make.

2. Beekeeping

Beekeeping is a rarely-practiced hobby… but it’s incredibly fun and can actually be pretty lucrative.

The initial investment in beekeeping gear can be high, but there are a few ways you can make money with beehives:

Sell your honey in local markets

Sell beeswax (a key ingredient in lip balm)

Offer pollination services (here’s an example of what this looks like)


Since bees can and will sting you, I highly recommend you research beekeeping thoroughly, rather than take the “learn by doing” approach… but like most popular hobbies, there are a ton of instructional YouTube videos that will teach you the ins and outs of beekeeping.

3. Shooting/Marksmanship

Shooting is undeniably one of the most fun, manly hobbies on our list. There’s just something powerfully manly about shooting a moving target with a gun, right?


There are a wide range of shooting types:

Skeet shooting (shooting clay targets, to simulate shooting birds)

Long range target shooting (shooting targets over 1500 yards away with a rifle)

Hunting (shooting game for meat)

Trap shooting (a game similar to skeet shooting, but with a greater focus on distance)

And here’s the best part:

Shooting is easy to start (almost anyone can practice at a shooting range) and with practice, anyone can become a decent marksman.

4. Collect Paintings

If you’ve got the money, there’s nothing that can be as entertaining while showing off your class as collecting some art.

5. Becoming An Alcohol Connoisseur

According to Merriam-Webster…a connoisseur is a person who “enjoys with discrimination and appreciation of subtleties”… so an alcohol connoisseur has a deeper appreciation and understanding of alcohol’s subtle flavors.”

You can become a connoisseur of anything, but whiskey, wine, gin, and craft beer are the manliest alcohols to deeply appreciate and understand.

For example:

A whiskey connoisseur might sip a fine whiskey and differentiate earthy tones, a hint of cinnamon or maybe a floral note. A beer connoisseur might be able to tell the difference between an amber, lager, porter, or blonde ale by the smell alone. Pretty cool, right?

PS: If you want to become a whiskey connoisseur, check out our Ultimate Guides to Scotch and our Introduction to Bourbon.

PS #2: If you want to become a beer connoisseur, sign up for a beer of the month club. Or a wine connoisseur, sign up for a wine of the month club.

hobbies for men – becoming an alcohol connoisseurImage via: Pexels / Burst

6. Playing Music

Music has been part of life since the beginning of mankind… archeologists have even found flutes carved out of mammoth bone, estimated to be over 40,000 years old. source

While instruments have gotten a little more sophisticated than bone carvings, the benefits of music have remained the same: it reduces symptoms of depression source, relieves stress source, and can elevate your mood (don’t you feel good listening to your favorite music?)

…And all those benefits come from just listening to music. Creating music boosts creativity, and sense of accomplishment (the same as creating anything).

Now… remember this:

Mastering an instrument can take years, but learning one is a simple hobby to start.

7. Being A Cigar Aficionado

A good cigar is a thing of beauty. And becoming a real aficionado is a lot different than just enjoying one from time to time. It’s about learning to appreciate all the complex flavors in a good cigar.

In other words:

A cigar aficionado understands and enjoys all the unique features in every cigar.

It’s a great hobby because it lets you build a new understanding of something that men have enjoyed for a long time.

And you’ll know exactly what to get your cigar-loving friends as a gift.

8. Making Time Capsules

Contemplate what it means to be alive in this moment while creating something for the future at the same time.

9. Record Collecting

A lot of people think that vinyl records are the best way to listen to music. And records aren’t just a way to play your music with amazing smoothness… they can also be valuable collectibles.

Add all that together and collecting records is a great hobby for music lovers and people who just enjoy having artifacts from music history.

Think about it:

What better way to connect with a favorite band than by holding a piece of their musical legacy?

10. Improving Your Memory

I highly doubt you’ll find memory improvement on any other list of hobbies… so why did I include it?

Well, first:

We often publish articles on memory improvement. Recently, we’ve had an article about the Pythagoras memory technique and one on developing a photographic memory.

I publish these techniques often because I believe that better memory contributes to having a higher intellect… which is a hugely important way to become a better man.

By improving your memory, you improve the rate at which you’re able to learn/retain information. The strength of your memory is the foundation of your intellect and your intelligence. source


You can improve your memory by reading up on our other memory posts, or by playing memory games online (sites like Lumosity claim to boost memory rate and retention).

hobbies for men – improving your memoryImage via: Pexels / Pixabay

11. Collecting Model Trains

Collecting model trains is a great fun hobby for any rail enthusiast. But… check this out:

The trains themselves are only half the fun.

You can get just as much enjoyment from building little miniature towns and landscapes for your trains to steam through.

And because it’s such a classic hobby… you can find people to help you out at any hobby supply store. And that makes it easy to get started.

12. Vinyl Record Collecting

Vinyl isn’t just for hipsters. Rediscover the sounds of your youth by tracking down classic and rare albums.

13. Watch Making

Watch making used to be an important profession in the days before watches were mass-produced. Watch makers passed their skills and traditions down to apprentices who spent years studying the craft.

And the best part about picking up watch making as a hobby is being part of that tradition.

It’s a complex and intricate process that takes attention to detail. But with enough practice you can create incredibly beautiful handmade watches.

It’s an awesome way to experience the joy of being a real master at a unique craft. Not to mention… every guy needs a watch.

14. Playing The Piano

Maybe you were forced to take piano lessons as a kid and hated it… or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn. Either way, learning to play the piano as an adult is a great way to put your creative skills to use.

And you’ll find if you commit to it that the piano is an incredibly expressive instrument. It’s a great way to impress your friends or just to enjoy your down time in a creative way.

15. Grilling

Grilling and smoking are by far the manliest ways to cook. Think about it: you’re outside, using open flames to cook raw meat into delicious meals. What’s manlier than that?


Grilling is also an incredibly healthy way to cook. When you grill, the excess fat runs off of the meat, down through the grate and burns away, leaving you with a leaner (yet still delicious) piece of meat.

If you’ve never grilled, you should definitely consider it as your next manly hobby.

As simple as that.The smell of BBQ will make you addicted for life!

16.Coin Collecting

Coins are a great way to study history, appreciate an interesting kind of art, and also create an investment sure to go up in value over time.

17.Being A History Buff

Here’s the thing:

Everyone has a topic they love to talk about.

But if you haven’t found yours yet… history is a great option. The study of history is valuable in a lot of ways. It’s full of lessons you can apply to your everyday life. And there are tons of interesting facts that you can use to improve your conversation skills.

And if you’ve ever felt like you don’t read enough… you’d be surprised how much you might enjoy a good history book.

18.Model Ship Building

Have you ever wondered how they get those model ships to fit inside a tiny bottle?

Here’s how it’s done:

They build them inside of it.

And it’s a great way to spend your free time. You’ll use a pair of tweezers to carefully assemble a model ship inside a bottle. It’s challenging… but a ton of fun.

19.Dog Training


I’m sure you love your dog… but there are probably times you wish they were a bit better behaved.

Luckily… you can train your dog (even if they’re old) to learn all sorts of new things. You can learn how to make them stop tearing up your stuff or to only use the bathroom outside. And there’s a whole world of impressive tricks that a dog can pick up.

Plus… it’s a great way to bond with your dog.

20.Growing Bonsais

Bonsai is an art of patience and thoughtfulness. Enjoy sculpting something beautiful while also ornamenting your home.

21.Researching Genealogy

Knowing where you come from can give you a new sense of connection with your family. And it’s a great way to get in touch with your cultural roots. That’s why genealogy is a great hobby.

Think about it:

You’ll learn where your family was originally from… and learn the stories that were a part of their life.

And it’ll let you bond with your family over that shared history.

22.Road biking

Road biking is a great way to explore your local terrain… it’s more freeing than being trapped in a car, and it’s faster than running.

And exploring isn’t the only benefit:

In fact, biking provides many of the benefits you get from running, while causing much less strain on your legs, feet and ankles.

It’s also one of the best hobbies for men over 50 (being much easier on your joints than other exercise).

23.Flying Model Planes

There’s just something so cool about the way that planes move through the air. And a model plane is a great way to enjoy the miracle of flight in miniature form. Plus… you get to control everything with your remote.

What’s not to love, right?

And check it out:

There’s a huge range of models for every budget.

You can get everything from a miniature prop plane to an actual jet-fuel-powered model F-16. (Editorial note: this is a link you can use for a video) Imagine piloting that thing around while doing cool loops and barrel rolls.

24.Terrarium Making

Make the plants in your home their own kind of art piece.


There’s nothing more manly than providing your own food.

Think about it:

It used to be a matter of life and death for our ancestors to get food.

Now things are a little easier… but there’s still a masculine tradition of putting food on the table. That’s why farming is great. It let’s you tap into that tradition. And in many ways, it’s a forgotten skill.

So why not revive that tradition and supply some of your food from your own garden?


A list of men’s hobbies would be sadly incomplete without fishing.

Fishing is relaxing, while at the same time challenging for some men… it requires planning and a lot of patience.


There are many different types of fishing:

Pole fishing (traditional cast and wait fishing)

Spear fishing

Hand fishing (or noodling)

Ice fishing

Fly fishing

…And because there are so many different types of fishing, almost anywhere you live in the world, you’ll be able to try it.


Want a hobby that’s both relaxing and stimulating?

Try sailing.

Sailing combines the best parts of relaxation (sunshine, ocean noises and breezes, and slowing down to take in the moment) with mental and physical stimulation (you have to know how to catch wind, be able to hoist the sails, and know what to do if you capsize). It can even be a highly enjoyable group activity.

Sailing can be challenging, so take advantage of having an instructor/knowledgeable sailor with you the first several times.

Thinking about what you entered……..
You are in!

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