Book review- The Economic Naturalist: In Search of Explanations for Everyday Enigmas

What is it about?

This book is about looking at life from the point of an economist and allows you to found new and interesting stuff about this world and explain it better.

Good questions from the book:

Why do consumers in the US pay more than double the world price for sugar?

In 2005 Americans paid an average of 22 cents a pound for raw sugar, while the average price on the world market was only 10 cents. This is because the US imposes a tariff of more than 100% on imported sugar. But that raises the question why legislators in the US Congress would enact policies that cost their constituents some $2 billion each year. It’s because these policies benefit the sugar producers. For example, the sugar tariff was estimated to increase the annual profits of one large producer in Florida by some $65 million. With that much at stake, producers not only write letters but also hire skilled lobbyists to argue their case. More importantly, they make substantial campaign contributions to legislators who support the sugar tariff.” Another relevant factor is that because the typical family spends on a small fraction of its income on sugar, few voters would take the trouble to complain.

Why are car engines so much smaller in the UK than in the US?

Fuel is so much more expensive in Europe than in America. In recent years the average price of a liter of petrol, including all taxes, has been almost twice as high in Europe as in the US

Why do Japanese couples spend more on wedding parties than their Western counterparts?

Japanese couples commonly celebrate their weddings with an extended network of colleagues, employers and other members of the community…… Guest lists frequently total from three hundred to five hundred people, even at weddings of middle-income couples.Japanese couples cast such a broad net in part because the society relies heavily on informal social and business networks. ….Failing to invite someone to a wedding who might have expected to be invited risks a social rupture that jeopardizes one’s standing. Expansive Japanese wedding guest lists may thus be seen as an investment in maintaining important social and business networks

This is a great book as a gift later on and as a pleasant conversation starter , which is always a plus!

I would recommend to buy the book but feel no pressure to read the whole book, just choose what subjects you are interested about and appeal to you. I thoroughly enjoyed just dipping into the topics that interested me.

Where can I get it?

This book ,that could be found on Amazon on different forms

KINDLEWhen you want to have different experience ,try an e-book reader like Kindle.No paper,great experience.More info on the website ,check the book review list

Paper form – hardcover or softcover– Amazon link-HERE– This form will allow you to have the greatest experience while reading it, and that you will always have a book for a potential GIFT.This is the Christmas time nevertheless.

*You will not pay more if you follow the link,but you will get more information from the official web-page of Amazon with a lot more information and ,if you decide to buy it,you will support the blog indirectly.

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