Ultimate list of physical hobbies-Exercise

The feeling that you get after you do something physical is ineffable,yet I will give you a few ideas so you can experience it in a different way.

We can all agree that we should all be more active,so why not choose one of the hobbies from the list down-below and tell me what you consider a great hobby that should be added here.


A new landscape, maybe a photographic device to immortalize the moment, and great workout….And then you reach the top,and you can finally stop and smell the roses,to enjoy life with a child’s enthusiasm again,surrounded by friends and loved ones….What is not to like?


As i mentioned in a different list of hobbies that I recommend you to check out,and you can find HERE, dancing is like learning a new language, a great challenge and a great way to interact with others,get rid of your social anxiety and build your self-esteem.More details can be found in the article linked above.


I ,for example,go to work with my bike, and the route involves a lot of cars that can barely start,move 2 meters,then stop(Yes, it’s that crowded) and ,on the left -Trams full of sweaty people,crowded,smelling each other ,especially in the summertime. I guess you can imagine how great it feels like speeding on my bike past them,through their jealous glances! So ,why not dust off your bike (if you do not own one yet, I strongly recommend one of these:

26 inch ,Columba,resilient and foldable

Smaller,20 inch,7 speeds

Both of them are great and I strongly suggest you to check them out!


Running has always been a passion of mine.It’s cheap,it’s social if you want it to be,it will test your limits,so you will never be bored,and it’s great for losing weight and looking and feeling better.

5.Be a tourist in your city

How well do know your city?

If the answer is quite strong on your part,might I suggest to act like a tourist for an afternoon and just stumble upon all the new and quirky shops that you might not have noticed before?

Start with a simple walk and see where life takes you!


It is often said that swimming is involving all the muscles in your body. Can you image something more amazing than this,not to mention the calm that you get from simply being there,present,one with the liquid? It’s physical meditation for me,and I hope that soon for you as well.

I know that it might not be cheap,yet I am confident in your ability of being …resourceful !:D

7. Snorkeling

All the gear you need can be bought for under $100.  It’s also amazing fun. You can make a spear out of an old broom handle and a bike innertube –And who knows what you can catch,even dinner?! 🙂


If you’re near the ocean try to buy a cheap second hand board. According to those that do it, it’s hilariously fun. The board won’t cost you much and should last you many years. Like cycling, try not to fall into the upgrading trap – you don’t need a new wet suit every season or a new board just because you’re sick of your old one.


If you like treasure hunts, you’ll love geocaching …Just look for free aps on the Playstore/ Appstore and let the fun begin!


You can truly make a difference in the life of others by offering firstly time,then thought to their needs, yet the calm serendipity that feels your whole being when you realize that your actions have helped another human being are priceless.


This might be a no-brainer , yet I am sure that you can imagine how others will respond to you if you put a little bit of muscles on your body. It has a LOT of benefits that are simply overlooked or not sufficiently appreciated by the majority of people, not even by those who are going there . I will offer a few ideas about the subject in a future article,so stay tuned by smashing the subscribe button!

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See you soon.

David Mead-Financial minimalist

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